At 3T Soccer, our coaches are trained in Functional Integrated Soccer. A philosophy of football scarcely seen in the UK but used across the world in countries such as Brazil and Spain but to name a few.

The ethos of Functional Integrated Soccer is to create 'faster thinking players'. There isn't the need to run faster - react quicker!

A slow thinking player is of little value to a team.

Players are coached using reaction training, speedball training and trigger training methodology - all which rapidly develop technique, movement, verbal & non verbal communication skills that are directly transferable to game situations. This unique approach to football improves players ability dramatically.

Most importantly we train players to use their brains, not just their bodies.

It is common to see feedback forms given at 'Development Centres' outlining a players strengths and areas for improvement. All that is given is a couple of sentences of opinion presented as fact from a coach that doesn't necessarily know the player all that well. At 3T Soccer, we use actual testing protocol that give players factual feedback to see how they are developing and what they need to improve. This isn't an opinion - it's fact! 

We also use resistance bands within these methods of training to further develop players - a style of coaching immensely beneficial to players! The resistance bands add another dimension to the training, further promoting skill and technique under pressure, balance, stability and many more crucial things seen in elite players.

No other coaching company in Berkshire offers this unique style of training.

This training is suitable for young and old and for so many different reasons - whether you are looking to develop as a player, getting prepared for a trial, wanting to put in relevant work for pre-season - this is for you!

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