What is 3T Samba?

Unlike anything in Berkshire, 3T Samba is run indoors through all seasons but with us it always feels like summer! With the sound of Brazil playing in the background, the atmosphere is vibrant, the tempo high and the passion for football as strong as ever. Players work with a size 2 samba ball – a weighted ball with no bounce – to master their footwork and technical skills.Sessions finish with small matches of 4v4 or 5v5 where players can express themselves, show off their footwork and have a new kind of fun!


Why do it?

Not only is 3T Samba an approach to football that you’ve never experienced before, it comes with benefits that players will reap in the future. Players work in tight spaces with a ball each to the high tempo of Brazilian music and will improve not only their technical skills but also the physical and psychological aspect of the game. Balance, agility and coordination are all heavily involved in 3T Samba so expect to see better, faster and more skilful dribblers by the end. Football is the most fun when you are confident in yourself and your ability. 3T Samba is here for players to experiment with the ball, make mistakes and not feel the pressure of being perfect instantly. With the backdrop of Brazil ringing around, players will get entranced by the rhythm and excitement and begin to ooze the confidence seen in the likes of Ronaldinho and Neymar.

Football in Brazil

In Brazil, where the love of football is greater than anywhere else, players don’t talk about team shape, tactics or formations until at least 14 years old. What would be the point if at that age they couldn’t control the ball, pass or shoot. That’s why they play futsal from very early age and it’s all about technique, skills, tricks, shooting, dribbling and impulsiveness.

Children in Brazil play anywhere on anything. From concrete floors to harsh wasteland, indoor courts to sandy beaches and the majority play in bare feet - improving their ability to strike the ball. The children play in tight areas on the street, honing in their skills and playing with their heads up. Players are encouraged to reproduce this street football later on in life on the pitch, without the fear of making a mistake and the confidence to express themselves.

Brazil has produced some of the best footballers to grace the planet and 3T Samba want to help do the same.

3T Samba is available as a breakfast club, after school club and lunchtime club. Please contact us to find out more details.

3T Samba

The Brazilian Way

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