The 3T Soccer Centre of Excellence Programme is designed for our most talented players. At the 3T Soccer Centre of Excellence players receive exemplary coaching, developing all aspects of the technical side of the game as well as improving their understanding of football. Players are coached at a high tempo in a fun, safe and professional environment. By offering this high standard of coaching, we aim to progress players towards academy standard.

Succeeding at football is not just about being talented. Players that join the 3T Soccer Centre of Excellence Programme are also coached to develop as people and exhibit the behaviours expected in a top footballing environment. We at 3T Soccer care as much about the psychological and social development of our players as the technical and physical development.

The 3T Soccer Centre of Excellence Programme consists of ten 90 minute sessions. At the end of the ten sessions we give players an evaluation and feedback form detailing their progress and strengths and areas for improvement. To reflect the professional environment that the players are learning in, they are required to wear the 3T Soccer kit. This is worn to all training sessions and matches.

If you know of an talented individual or are unsure as to whether your child has the potential to go further then please fill out the form below to arrange a trial session.

Centre of Excellence